WordPress tip-sheet

23 02 2010

WordPress have a great Support section, and this is clearly the way for most people. However I was producing a tip-sheet for my sister-in-law and thought this may be useful to others as well.

It includes the following sections:
1. Settings – basics for setting up your WordPress site
2. Appearance – as above
3. Pages – creating and editing pages (HTML Editor)
4. Posting – as above
5. Media – adding media files
6. Users – some considerations before adding users to your site


20 02 2010

The Art Design Media Higher Education Academy (ADM-HEA) jiscmail list mentioned a workshop 10by10 are running at Tate Britain, on Friday 26th February. I really like the 10by10 website and the resources for practitioner teachers.

As described on their website: “10by10, an ARTSWORK project from Bath Spa University, explores the relationship between creative practice [including the visual, creative and performing arts disciplines], and teaching, through teacher-practitioners – individuals who both teach [at HE/FE level] and work in creative practice…”

Pedagogy before technology

15 02 2010

Inspirational quote:

Beetham and Sharpe (eds.). 2007. Rethinking Pedagogy for a Digital Age: “…’Pedagogy before technology’… we should be in the business of locating the new technologies within proven practices and models of teaching…” (page 3)

and a useful resource:

Visual Aids – tips and videos on using PowerPoint, props etc taken from the Learn Higher CETL for Visual Practices at the University of Brighton: http://www.brighton.ac.uk/visuallearning/

Slideshow software

9 02 2010

The Museums Computer Group has a great email list: MCG@JISCMAIL.AC.UK

Follow this link for details of the list including how to join.

There are currently a few posts this afternoon about slideshow software, those mentioned so far include:

Happy Birthday JISC Digital Media

9 02 2010

JISC Digital Media celebrate their first birthday today! Although they were formerly in existence as TASI (Technical Advisory Service for Images), and have long had a relationship with the Visual Arts Data Service (VADS).

JISC Digital Media’s online resources are excellent, and I am going to visit this area of their website:

I am quite interested in the JISC Digital Media comments on choosing a background for images in your presentations.

Smarthistory: The Blog

9 02 2010

Just found a great American blog post with a list of resources for teaching with images:


This blog is authored by Beth Harris, Director of Digital Learning at the Museum of Modern Art, Steven Zucker, Dean of Graduate Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and Juliana Kreinik, Research Assistant at the Hans Hofmann Catalogue Raisonné project.

Beginning of research outputs

2 02 2010

I have been awarded a 2009-10 Learning & Teaching Research grant, by the University for the Creative Arts, to research image presentation software/tools that fit existing pedagogic practice.

This fits in well with my current work at the Visual Arts Data Service (VADS), a research centre at the University.

Initially I was going to tweet about this, particularly since 2009 seemed to be all about twitter and micro-blogs, but I think wordpress may be more suitable for my research outputs.