Feedback on research grant

3 03 2010

Recipients of the University for the Creative Arts Learning and Teaching Research Fund 2009/10 met for a research seminar at Farnham. We made links between each of our projects and were also able to share knowledge of other projects within the University.

I was reminded of Wimba, which I was aware of, but have not looked into properly, and therefore didn’t appreciate that it can link up with Blackboard, and that it can have multi-sensory features.

Elluminate was mentioned, and this is something I have experience of using as a member of the audience for the last two JISC e-Learning conferences (2008 and 2009).

Adobe Presenter also came up in conversation. This is something I tested last year and could see real benefits. Salesforce also use it to deliver some of their online training so I have experience of it from the learner perspective. I would like to look into its functionality in more depth.

Next steps: create links to all the software I am aware of, then to email Museums Computer Group jiscmail list, and ACADI email list to ask for suggestions.



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