Working on transcriptions

20 04 2010

Back from Easter break and I am currently working through the transcriptions. There are definitely common themes emerging and I need to try to decide on the most suitable approach to take.

Interviews – lessons learned

1 04 2010

Some points I have reflected upon after each of the four interviews:

  • An Ethics Protocol was submitted prior to conducting the interviews, and a Project Information sheet and Consent form was sent to the participants. This took me longer than expected to write-up.
  • Before each interview I printed off two copies of the Project Information sheet with Consent form, so they could sign one copy for me and keep the other copy for their own records. I then did not turn on the digital recorder until they were happy for me to do so.
  • It was important to have suitably quiet surroundings where the interview wouldn’t be disturbed. In some cases this required room bookings, but this was definitely worth the effort.
  • I definitely had issues with timings even though I had planned to stick to four themes taking one hour, this is maybe something I’ll learn with practice?
  • What worked well was the time I spent researching the subject and the participants prior to the interviews this enabled the conversation to be more tailored to their experience.
  • I think it was good to send the participants a summary of the key areas of interest but important not to send them a list of questions (although I don’t know how they feel about this, I think it worked well).
  • Not sure how my interview technique was for the participants but I have asked for feedback.

Visual Practices

1 04 2010

Today I interviewed Pauline Ridley, Senior Lecturer at the University of Brighton, and Learning Area Coordinator for Visual Practices, part of the LearnHigher Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).
Pauline has a wealth of knowledge around this area based on her own research and working practice so the interview was very inspiring.