Interviews – lessons learned

1 04 2010

Some points I have reflected upon after each of the four interviews:

  • An Ethics Protocol was submitted prior to conducting the interviews, and a Project Information sheet and Consent form was sent to the participants. This took me longer than expected to write-up.
  • Before each interview I printed off two copies of the Project Information sheet with Consent form, so they could sign one copy for me and keep the other copy for their own records. I then did not turn on the digital recorder until they were happy for me to do so.
  • It was important to have suitably quiet surroundings where the interview wouldn’t be disturbed. In some cases this required room bookings, but this was definitely worth the effort.
  • I definitely had issues with timings even though I had planned to stick to four themes taking one hour, this is maybe something I’ll learn with practice?
  • What worked well was the time I spent researching the subject and the participants prior to the interviews this enabled the conversation to be more tailored to their experience.
  • I think it was good to send the participants a summary of the key areas of interest but important not to send them a list of questions (although I don’t know how they feel about this, I think it worked well).
  • Not sure how my interview technique was for the participants but I have asked for feedback.



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