ARTstor’s Public Offline Image Viewer

13 05 2010

This is one piece of presentation software that I have been aware of for a number of years.


  • Greater variety of image templates than PowerPoint’s slide layouts.
  • Zoomable image templates, only requires user to drag and drop image into the template; supports high quality images.
  • Easy shortcuts to use e.g. pressing ‘0’ fits the image to the frame, and pressing ‘9’ shows it at actual size.
  • Image palette area, similar to a physical slide light box, you can drag and drop images and view them in a large group.
  • Pared down functionality so that it is focused on images.


  • When presenting at a new venue the ARTstor software would need to be installed prior to giving your presentation (this doesn’t take long but is a technical consideration).
  • The version I downloaded today was 2.6a (BETA), if you subscribe to ARTstor the version is 3.0. Unfortunately the free version has compatability issues e.g. I couldn’t use it in Windows 7 even in compatability mode, although it would let me run a previous presentation.
  • This can’t incorporate moving images.
  • Templates are fixed, so you can’t add text boxes in addition to the template options (or this may be a compatability issue I am having).
  • It is good that it is streamlined, but then what happens if you want additional functionality such as animations or more complex image editing tools



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17 09 2010
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