Interim Project Report – Lessons Learned

23 06 2010

I recently submitted the interim project report, this was a good opportunity to reflect on lessons learned, see extracts below:

What worked well

  • My approach to recording time spent on the project: I have a simple spreadsheet that sets out the project plan and records tasks and time spent and dependencies/factors that may affect completion. I have kept a ‘control’ copy i.e. the first version of the spreadsheet from the beginning of the project, and I have another version which is continually updated. It will be useful to compare the two at the end of the project to inform future timetabling.
  • Any meetings with, or input from Karen Paton, the University for the Creative Art’s Academic Developer in Learning and Teaching Research were invaluable and very fruitful.

What I would improve next time

  • I would breakdown each task into smaller components in order to more accurately judge the project timetable, and particularly to allow more time for analysis and writing reports.
  • I would seek to be clearer on the detail of the methodology from the beginning; I do now have a better understanding that will inform this.
  • I would aim to have better timekeeping by establishing early on what aspects were out of the limitations of the project and accepting this rather than trying to fit more and more into the project scope.



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