Custom Image Slide Layout

24 06 2010

Many people seek to use PowerPoint as a slide show i.e. to display good quality images as large as possible and without any text on the PowerPoint slide. This is one bit of feedback that has arisen in both the questionnaire results so far, and in talking with people generally.

This is one approach, using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, to create a custom image slide layout:

  • Select the View tab from the menu ‘ribbon’.
  • Select Slide Master View.
  • Select Insert Layout.
  • In the slide that appears remove any boxes by hovering over until cross-hairs are displayed over the lines, then right-click on the lines, i.e. not inside the box, and select ‘Cut’.
  • Click Insert Placeholder and choose ‘Picture’. With the cross-hair that appears draw a box as large as the image you would like to display.
  • Choose Rename and add a name in the dialogue box e.g. Custom Image Layout
  • Click View tab and select Normal view. Then click the Home tab.
  • Select the existing slide and choose Layout – Custom Image Layout.
  • Click the picture icon in the middle of the new layout to add a picture, it should scale to the image placeholder. Delete the picture.
  • NB: if the image is not of a good enough quality it may pixelate if the image placeholder is too large.
  • To ensure you can use the custom slide layout in future presentations make sure to choose Save As Template from the Office Button menu
  • In the dialogue box when you choose Save As Type: PowerPoint Template the location should change to save in the Microsoft Templates folder. Save as something e.g. Custom Image Template
  • Next time you open PowerPoint and want to use this Custom Image Template, select the Office Button, choose New, select My Templates in the dialogue box, and choose the Custom Image Template.



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