Prezi Triple Whammy at UCA!

30 01 2012

The Create Curate Collaborate! project team were delighted to have an abstract accepted for the University for the Creative Arts Learning and Teaching conference, held at the British Library on Wednesday 25th January 2012. This conference is always really inspiring and a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues across the University; this year’s opening keynote was even given in Prezi!

Our session titled ‘Considering blended communication- creative thinking, writing and image making- through initial explorations of Prezi non-linear, digital presentation tools.’ comprised of three very different Prezis:

The audience arrived to the sounds of ‘Walk the Line’ on vinyl, and white grapes; Curtis Tappenden, artist, author and poet, presented a ‘Prezi Poem’ titled ‘Prezi Hesi Tate’:

I provided some background to our project and how the use of Prezi has changed my thinking from a linear example using a screencast of PowerPoint slides, to the Prezi non-linear; ‘Create Curate Collaborate!’:

Two of the students from Curtis’ Creative Writing Group at Rochester: Annabel Giraud-Telme and Benjamin Viney gave an outstanding presentation on their own personal experience of using Prezi; ‘We walk the line’:

I have learnt so much from my colleagues Jac and Curtis, and also from the students. Unfortunately Jac Cattaneo wasn’t able to attend but her contribution was very much evident in terms of the paper we co-wrote together in Google Docs, and also particularly in the cross-over between Curtis and Jac’s creative writing groups.

Next step, an interactive poster Prezi for University of Brighton!



4 responses

6 02 2012


thanks for your post and your interest in Prezi. Reading your post and seeing your prezis I thought I reach out to you and introduce Prezi U, our new educational community page.

On Prezi U you can:

– submit your prezis to the growing edu prezi library
– submit and read articles introducing interesting use cases and stories about how Prezi is used in education.
– participate in forum discussions, download useful prezi files, follow education-related news, and much more.

We are looking for contributors. I would be happy to create a category in our growing library for your school so you could shar your prezis with the community. Also, I’d be happy o make a short Q&A with you about ho you use Prezi in education. Here is an example article:

Let me know if you are interested!
Zoli Radnai –
Senior Community Manager

6 02 2012


Thanks for your comment. I’ll let my colleagues know and be in contact very soon.

Best wishes,

7 02 2012

Thanks Marie-Therese. Looking forward to learning more!


7 02 2012

Thanks Zoli, I have emailed you and we look forward to contributing to Prezi U!

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