Is Prezi like marmite?

22 10 2012

Result from Google Search for Marmite

Do people either love or hate Prezi?

Personally, I love Prezi (and I love Marmite), but the point of a presentation is the audience and so I care about what other people think. Two different comments about the same Prezi I gave recently:

1. I hope there won’t be too much pointless zooming, rotating and jumping around the screen.

2. After all the PowerPoints finally a Prezi!

The blog post Prezi and ‘Death by motion-sickness’ from January has also led me to this reflection. See also this blog post I just discovered titled Prezi, the Marmite of presentation tools from way back in October 2010.

Exploring the analogy with Marmite a little bit further. I guess that you could say Marmite comes in different containers for different purposes, from plastic squeezable…

Squeezy Marmite

… to sterling silver lidded glass pots of Marmite.

I am thinking both of how PowerPoint and Prezi can be used for different purposes (see also these comments by a Learning Technologist) and by extension, how Prezi can be adapted for different purposes.

Currently I use Prezi for:

So do you love or hate Prezi? and if you use Prezi – how do you use it?



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23 10 2012

We’ve just started using Prezi for our training centre presentations. I’m hoping that with more experience of using it we can appreciate what a good Prezi entails. At the moment, I think the novelty of using something that isn’t PowerPoint is greater than thinking about how we can best utilise Prezi. We’ll see how it goes, but it’s nice to see someone more advanced thinking of the same questions.

23 10 2012

Thank you for your comment, that’s really interesting to know. Please share the links to your Prezis – with my JISCMRD ‘KAPTUR’ hat on I’d love to take a look.

26 10 2012

You’ll see we are very basic. I will share your examples with our team. Maybe there’s a Prezi for RDM project presentations workshop we could do!

26 10 2012

Thank you for the link. I particularly like your ‘data loss iceberg’ which is really thought-provoking in this Prezi:

If useful, I find it helps to think of a Prezi like a poster i.e. to set out sections as you would for a poster; and then when choosing the ‘path’ I imagine a movie camera panning across the ‘poster’. I like the zooming function but try to keep to a minimum or like you would with a movie camera, to do the zoom more gradually by using a series of frames.

We’ve just heard that our KAPTUR paper has been accepted for IDCC13 so perhaps see you in Amsterdam in the new year! (maybe we could have a mini session on Prezi for Research Data Management!)

26 10 2012

Would you say that a visual arts background helps in that respect? Being social scientists, we’re not very visually orientated.

We did the iceberg, and then Prezi released a 3D iceberg template. So we may we’ll re-purpose that presentation.

I have noticed that Prezi challenges you to think non-linear, which is the opposite to powerpoint, and I’m finding that difficult to break out from.

Congratulations about Amsterdam. Look forward to seeing you there. Do you think there would be interest in a session? You’re the only other project we have come across that uses Prezi. But anything that promotes an alternative to death by powerpoint has to be good.

26 10 2012

Thank you for your really interesting thoughts on this – I am not sure about the visual aspects although that makes sense – in my dealings with Prezi with creative people there is still a range of approaches; it seems those most interested in technology find it easiest although Prezi is making changes to improve usability all the time so it is hard to say with any certainty.

Yes, I’ve thought about trying their 3D templates too.

Yes, I agree about the thought process – although I find a Prezi more time consuming to create than a PowerPoint it seems to help with the analysis of what you want to communicate.

I wouldn’t mind doing an impromptu session if there was interest. Great, look forward to seeing you there.

31 10 2012

You might like to know we have done a few more prezi’s, you can probably tell the difference between our levels of experience with Prezi. It’s a shame there’s no ability to follow Prezi users like there is with wordpress or other platforms. Anyway, we have been accepted for IDCC, so see you there!

6 11 2012

Sounds great – I look forward to checking them out. Yes I agree that would be useful. Great see you at IDCC!

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