Embedding a Prezi into a WordPress.com blog

8 02 2013

This has just taken me a while to fix myself so I thought I may be able to save others time if I share the following.

As can be seen from older blog posts on this site I had no problems embedding a Prezi before. However in December 2012 Prezi.com changed their embed code.

After searching for a fix I found the following blog post by Panos:

The update at the bottom of the blog post is great – it simply tells you where Prezi have moved the ID to since December. This works fine in most Web browsers however in some Internet Explorer browsers (my work computer has a particularly old version of IE) you get annoying scrollbars at the right and bottom of the Prezi. Eventually after searching I found the fix was to add style=”position:absolute”:

So the completed code required to make it work now looks like this:


[A larger more readable image is available from clicking on the image file above. Originally this blog post included the text but with changes to formatting it has been necessary to replace with an image as I will no longer be able to keep updating this post.]

The Prezi ID mewlfkbikpeq can be found at the beginning of the link to the Prezi itself: http://prezi.com/mewlfkbikpeq/introduction-to-ar/

The effect is like:

Also something I do incase the Prezi doesn’t display on a particular device is to add the following:

The Prezi can also be accessed here: http://prezi.com/mewlfkbikpeq/introduction-to-ar/



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21 02 2013
Prezi | My Research Blog

[…] to figure out around prezi’s embed code. It uses iframes, which wordpress doesn’t like. This site helped me figure out how to do it, but I still had to modify the code by removing the linking code […]

30 09 2013

Hey thank you first for the support!
At second I would be curious how its finally works. How did you modify the code? just removing the linking code? which one?
Thanks in advance!

30 09 2013

somehow it works a bit now… But its not running, it stops while loading.
I used this:
[gigya src="http://prezi.com/bin/preziloader.swf" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" width="670" height="500" bgcolor="#ffffff" flashvars="prezi_id=THE_PREZI&lock_to_path=0&color=ffffff&autoplay=no&autohide_ctrls=0" ]

4 02 2014

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply; I have now added a note to explain this blog is now archived content. I have had problems with formatting the text to show the code (due to formatting changes which have happened twice so are likely to happen again), I have inserted an image into the post which hopefully shows the bits you need to fix. As your Prezi ID is currently “THE_PREZI” and not the code from an actual Prezi I can’t check it for you but I am sure by now it is long resolved. Very best wishes.

25 02 2015

lol … thanx again for the answer! yeah, it worked fine the last time i’ve been here… today i just clicked in and saw all the things to be corrected and improved omg …by the way, its not working right now, but i’ll have look and we will see… here’s the embed-code: http://prezi.com/embed/f5vqaz-kif5u/?bgcolor=ffffff&lock_to_path=0&autoplay=0&autohide_ctrls=0#

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