Implications of the potential proliferation of tablet technology

28 09 2011

Twitter is abuzz with the excitement of the pending release of Amazon’s new tablet device to rival the iPad.

An excellent summary of the news story is available via the Chicago Tribune’s website, referencing The Wall Street Journal 6:10 a.m. CDT, September 28, 2011: ‘Amazon unveiling new tablet to challenge iPad today

I would like to allocate some time to look into the nature of tablet devices and to explore how an increase in both awareness and use of such hardware may impact on use of presentation technology and presentation style/approach. Some questions I am pondering:

  • Would an increase in the use of tablet devices by the general population effect the expectations of students or audiences?
  • Would they expect a greater level of interactivity during presentations? For example through using their own tablet devices?
  • For presenters, will they more noticeably start to break away from using PowerPoint if they have greater options and control in the use of personal or institutional tablet devices? For example by using apps such as Prezi for iPad or Keynote for iPad?

Prezi – more thoughts, pros and cons

12 01 2011

I was trying to embrace Prezi for a presentation I was giving yesterday, and it started quite well, I enjoyed arranging the content and it was giving me a new perspective i.e. I was conscious of how linear my thought process was and so I was trying to change this. But in the end this process was scuppered by lack of Internet connection (over several days). I realise you can pay to use Prezi offline, but I don’t want to pay for this service! In the end I reverted to a linear PowerPoint. Now I appreciate being online so much more!

A new Prezi pro point: there is now an iPad app for Prezi!

iPad Usability by Dr Jakob Nielsen

24 09 2010

This is now a bit of old news, but I thought worth mentioning anyway. Jakob Nielsen’s team have usability tested the iPad, and the following report was delivered via their blog back in May this year:

Key points:

  • The different gestures used (tap, drag, slide, flick, finger spread and pinch, and double-tap) are not used consistently across the different apps available, and it is easy to make an accidental gesture.
  • The user interface caused problems with discoverability e.g. some users didn’t know where to click.
  • Navigation within apps is often lacking a back feature, search, clickable headlines, and/or a homepage.


Free SlideShare iPad app

20 09 2010

The new app for iPad is called ‘Slide by Slide’; it is powered by the SlideShare API, and its features are listed in iTunes as:

  1. Conveniently search for presentations from
  2. Enjoy the presentation ad-free and distraction-free while in landscape mode
  3. Also see the description along with the presentation when in portrait mode
  4. Keep a history of slideshows visited
  5. Easily share presentations using facebook, twitter, or email
  6. Change background colour while going through a presentation in landscape mode for viewing pleasure

There is currently one comment listed, that it would be good if you could also access your SlideShare account through this app as well. I have to agree.


  • SlideShare: share presentations, documents, and professional videos
  • Slide by Slide on iTunes: browse presentations from SlideShare
  • iPad: experience the web, email, photo and video with just the touch of a finger

Prawfs Blawg on buying an iPad

22 07 2010

There is a really good post titled, Why I Plan to Buy an iPad for Teaching, about the way an American Law Professor plans to use an iPad as a writing tablet projecting on to the screen behind. The post not only compares the dynamics of teaching in this way to the use of a chalk board, but also, in a comment by Bruce Boyden, “…to Jerry Seinfeld’s bit about how the cordless phone changed the dynamic of slamming the phone down in anger.”


24 03 2010

As a PC user I did not want to forget developments with Mac software. iPad is the latest ‘magical’ gadget from Apple, and it was interesting to see how they have developed a new version of the Mac presentation software, Keynote, especially to work with the new iPad’s Multi-Touch technology. An iPad can also be plugged into a projector to give a proper presentation.

Plus, two phrases used in the promotional video about iPad were:
“…I don’t have to change myself to fit the product, it fits me…”
“…you don’t even think about it, you just do it…”