Moving between live websites and PowerPoint

6 07 2010

Jacqueline Cooke, Research Support Librarian at Goldsmiths, University of London, filled in the online questionnaire last week and made the following comment:

“I often do presentations about web resources, and find crossing between PowerPoint and live websites can be difficult. I would like a smoother way of doing this, maybe of viewing a website from within the presentation software.”

When I checked that I could quote this here, Jacqueline also mentioned that she often uses screenshots of websites as an alternative approach. I was very interested in her suggestion in quotes above because on the occasions I have given presentations this is also a feature that would have been great for me too, and I am sure for many others as well. Clearly it is not that you can’t go from a PowerPoint to the Web, just that in practice this often feels a bit clumsy. I tried searching for a solution, but I don’t think PowerPoint lets you view the website from within the slide itself? I also tried the Office Live PowerPoint, and this didn’t seem to have any extra features.